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My Story

Who is hiding behind Nelika?

My name is Nelly Kempf (see the link?), I am a Frenchexpatriate in Mexico, in Yucatán.

I created Nelika following a first decoration that I made for me!

When I arrived in Mexico, I knew that the artisans were very talented but, without contact, I couldn’t find decorations that met my expectations, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have always liked to create by myself. Hijacking objects, finding unexpected solutions, reusing things. Latest example: using an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin. Spoiler alert: it works perfectly!

Already as a child, I used to make all kinds of toys (I tinkered with my bike, made sculptures out of papier-mâché or wire…). As the picture shows, I also had a passion for salt dough!

Later, I customized clothes, furniture… I made terrariums, embroideries, macramé, used stabilized vegetable moss, clay, painted on all kinds of supports (flowerpot, canvas, cow skull, furniture…).

So when, once again, my friends asked me to create for them decorations identical to the mask I had made for me (Hi Maliha), I put on my superhero cape (the briefs on top of the suit is a fashion faux pas on the other hand) and I thought, after all, why not! Little by little, I drew one model, then two and, one thing leading to another, I now offer several collections.

What is important for me is to offer something different. Nothing is sadder to me than arriving at someone’s house and feeling like I’ve been there before because you find exactly the same furniture and decorative objects as at the neighbor’s house.
I want my creations to tell a story, to convey emotions, to make people travel.

My Pillars

What are my values?


Inspiration comes from my travels, my environment, my desires. My ambition is to retranscribe with passion the emotions I feel when I see something that inspires me, while maintaining clean lines and highlighting the wood.


The wood used comes from eco-managed forests using clean technologies.

The reduction of waste is a daily objective:bulk purchasing and optimization of material scraps, spray rather than spray painting, environmentally friendly packaging …



Because it seems important to me to take pleasure in the work to offer an original and colorful touch to the interiors of my customers, I want to maintain the grain of madness that characterizes me without restricting my imagination.

The result is sometimes surprising, sometimes I don’t like it at all and the drawing disappears! Not setting limits and transmitting joy through my designs is part of my creative process.