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Alou is a modern African mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Alou is a modern African mask that is inspired by tribal art. It is made entirely by hand using wood from responsibly managed forests. It will go as well in a modern and uncluttered decoration as in a bohemian chic atmosphere.

We spend time at home, a lot of time! Even more in times of coronavirus...
So, it is important to feel good there, to create a cocoon in your own image. There will always be this door that doesn't close properly and that we have to repair one day, this joint that spends its time blackening while we try as best we can to make it keep its original color (but what do you want, he wants to tan too!), this room that we want to redecorate since we fitted it out... Your interior may not be perfect but, if it was, it would be far too boring! And you won't have anything left to put off indefinitely for, choose the right answer: when I have time - when I retire - when it rains - when I'm done counting tiles - when Michel Drucker has disappeared from the French audiovisual landscape (new version of when the chickens have teeth)
Still, you will see a little touch of ethnic decoration in your living room, and that's very easy to put in place since each Nelika tribal mask has a small hole on the back for a quick installation (no need even to make excuses!).

Practical information

In order not to clutter up the trash cans (don't thank me, I'll save you from taking them out!), I've concocted a tutorial to reuse the packaging of your wall decoration. It's also because reducing the environmental impact of my creations is important to me! In fact, I procure as much as possible locally and in bulk.

Each African mask is made by hand with love and for this reason, it has its little characteristics that make it unique and remarkable. As it is a handmade product, it takes about 10 days of confection before shipping.

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The price does not include possible taxes and customs duties due in your country.

Additional information

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46 x 28 cm, 70 x 42 cm


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