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Aloufa is a modern African mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Sometimes esoteric, sometimes political, sometimes festive and social, the function of African masks wants to evolve! True bridge erected between Gods and Men, the African mask is considered as a human being in its own right.

So let me introduce you: Aloufa.

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul (golden palm for the one who finds who said that?!), the beautiful Aloufa is of an unfailing serenity! Its large black pupils draw only one watchword: benevolence. No more dark thoughts and gray clouds... They have kept your sun from shining for too long. Aloufa will guarantee your blue skies - even in rainy weather! My mother says that even in a gray sky, there is always a patch of blue sky, and she's right, pay attention, you'll see!

So, who still needs a soulless wall decoration when it is possible to adopt Aloufa instead?

The details that change everything

The mounting of Aloufa on your wall will be made easier thanks to a hole on the back of the mask. This characteristic is common to all my creations.

An artisanal manufacture

Each wall decoration, whatever it is, is handcrafted by me. Therefore, it takes about 10 days of manufacturing time before shipment. Note that this is also the reason why your mask will be truly unique, rich in so many small particularities.

Delivery and Returns

Delivery is offered worldwide.
Concerning returns, you have the possibility to send back your African mask, if you are not satisfied with it. The price does not include possible customs duties and taxes in force in your country.

Additional information

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48 x 18 cm, 72 x 27 cm


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