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Azaan is a modern African mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Do you know Edvard Munch, the artist who, among other things, painted “the scream”? Well he loved to paint outdoors and had set up his studio outside and, coming from Norway, he even painted under the snow! I also enjoy working outdoors and draw most of my models in the garden.

But the comparison stops there, especially because I live in Mexico so snow is quite rare in my region (although the tropical rainy season doesn’t make seagulls laugh, temperatures rarely drop below 20°C!). What’s more, Munch injured himself with a gun and was suffering from alcoholism, depression and hallucinations, me, not yet!

So it is in my hammock and not under the snow that I imagined Azaan, this modern and graphic African mask. It will be able to bring an offbeat touch to your interior. And to make installation really easy, each wall decoration has a small hole for the nail on the back.

Each wooden mask is offered in two sizes to dress a small space as well as a large wall.

Small details

This decorative object is entirely handmade, that’s why it has small peculiarities that make it unique. For the same reason, please allow approximately 10 days of manufacturing time before shipment.

I am committed to reducing the impact of my creations on the environment. So I use woods that come from sustainable forests, try as much as possible to supply me locally etc.. You will also find here a tutorial to get ideas on how to reuse the materials used for the packaging of your decorative object!

Delivery and return

Delivery is free and secure worldwide with no minimum purchase. Because I want to guarantee you the greatest possible satisfaction, you can return your purchases up to 30 days after purchase.

The price does not include possible customs duties and taxes in force in your country.

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46 x 21 cm, 72 x 33 cm


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