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Figi is a modern and colorful mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Your living room lacks a bit of warmth? You have considered adding a plant but you don't have a green thumb at all! Except the time you kept a cactus alive for 6 years...Too bad it was made of plastic! This little red flower that never wilts could have put the flea in your ear!

Everybody likes plants, it recreates a little corner of nature at home, but to finish with an Ikea ficus next to the TV, bof. Moreover, it will have to be bought back every 6 months because we forgot to take care of it... Let's admit it, it's not ideal!

Fortunately, Figi is there to get you out of this impasse! No need to ask the neighbor to come over and water, no need to think for two hours about whether there's enough direct light, and no need to worry about the cat that systematically digs up your new botanical finds.

Figi will bring the warm spirit that was missing from your living room without any hassle! To make sure of that, I placed a hole in the back to make it really easy to hang it. And if you don't want to drill holes in your wall, you can use adhesive tape without any problem.

Each wall decoration is made by hand. For this reason, it takes about 10 days of manufacturing time before shipment. Also, each has its own little peculiarities.

As environmental protection is important to me, I only use wood from sustainable forests. And I even concocted a little tutorial for you to give you ideas for reusing the materials used for shipping.

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Shipping is free worldwide! You also have 30 days to change your mind and return your decorative item if you ultimately prefer the Ikea ficus!

Any customs fees and taxes are not included.

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