Isabela the impala

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Isabela the impala will bring an offbeat and vitaminized touch to your interior. This wall decoration is handcrafted in wood. Dare to invite the savannah into your living room!

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Feel like going elsewhere? Let yourself be seduced by the savannah-chic trend that has been present for some time on all Pinterest deco paintings. For this style, focus on African-inspired objects such as this beautiful impala head, sublimated by harmonious colors and elaborate details. You will love this touch of exoticism that will bring both fun and graphics to your interior decoration. Moreover, contrary to the eye liner always so difficult to apply in a perfectly symmetrical way, its doe eye will make hearts capsize!

Far from the gnangnan decoration of granny where ceramic animals take dust and are more frightening than anything else, this sculptural impala bets on a worked aesthetics. The savannah thus invites itself in all subtlety on your walls and will agree with any existing decoration. Think of associating it, for example, with softly colored curtains or minimalist furniture so as not to overload the room. You can also make a reminder by adding a few pieces of the same style, taking care of course not to overdo it.

This artistic mural decoration, even chimerical, takes you elsewhere and assures you a change of scenery right away. Succumb to this trend and you will see, your interior will gain in style, but also and especially in zenitude. Just seeing it hanging proudly on the wall should give you a feeling of serenity.

Small details

Note that the model exists in two sizes and there is a hole in the back to easily hang it on the wall. This wall decoration is entirely handmade. The wood used comes from sustainably managed forests. Each piece is handcrafted and has its own characteristics and peculiarities. It takes about 10 days to manufacture before shipping.

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Delivery is offered worldwide and return is possible up to 30 days after receipt. The price does not include possible customs duties and taxes.


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