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Kani is a wooden wall decoration inspired by tribal art. Each Nelika object is handmade with wood from eco-managed forests.

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With hyper-vitamin colors and graphic design with ethnic accents, the Kani mask breathes a breath of fresh air into your interior. It brings that note of exotic fantasy that we love in African-inspired decoration, a trend that will definitely be to follow for the summer season.

Since it's already a strong piece, you shouldn't have too much trouble associating your new decorative object with the existing decoration. In a tropical-chic atmosphere, it will rub shoulders with palm leaves and natural materials. In a more minimalist interior, it will bring color and warmth. Without being banal, this mask is an all-purpose mask!

Entirely handmade and made from wood from sustainably managed forests, this wall decoration has everything to please.

Available in two sizes, the mask and its funky look will mix easily with another model of the collection for a hype decoration. To complete the whole, dare the flashy cushions that will make a color reminder and remember that neo graphic inspiration is enough, there is no need to do more.

Since there is a hole in the back, you can easily hang your wall decoration on the wall and move it from one room to another as you wish.

The fusion of craftsmanship, contemporary art and African inspiration results in beautiful, skillfully exotic pieces. Take this opportunity to adhere to the new fashion and twist your interior decoration with a creative touch.

As each piece is handcrafted, it has its own characteristics and peculiarities.

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