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Luli is a modern African mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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To have the mind wandering far away and traveling ideas is a real leitmotiv for the mystic Luli. Look her well in the eyes… Ah, that’s it, I’ve lost you, drowned in hypnosis! If letting her thoughts be swept away by a whirlwind of creativity was a symphony, Luli would be the conductor!

Listen carefully, your eyelids are heavy, you feel a wind of optimism, lightness, well-being. You are now in Yucatan, very close to my home. Your horizons are broadening, you are now boarding, free from gravity. You are well, quite simply, and you are ready to receive all the information that I am about to communicate to you. Handcrafted with almost bare hands, wood from sustainably managed forests, unique and unpublished creation, a hole on the back of the mask to facilitate fixing, … well no, you’re not dreaming anymore, it’s the real thing!

With all this knowledge, you can now fall in love with this mask. With Luli in your cocoon, your annoyances become trifles and your anger turns into laughter; as long as you look her in the eye!

The small details

Each wall decoration is handmade and you will have the choice between two different sizes for the chosen model. Since I make each model as soon as the order is placed, it takes 10 days of manufacturing time before shipping. For your convenience, there is a hole on the back of each wall decoration for easy mounting.

Free shipping

Delivery is offered worldwide. Attention, this price does not include possible customs fees and taxes in force in your country. You can return your mask to me if you are not satisfied with it.


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48 x 28 cm, 72 x 42 cm


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