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Maliha is a modern African mask inspired by tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Do you know that what you watch can have a significant influence on your behaviour? It has been known for a long time that colors have an effect on mood. But have you noticed anything else?

A Swiss team has shown that when you look at the bronzes of the sculptor Giacometti - you know, those very filiform silhouettes - you tend to eat better!

Imagine then that in addition to being really pretty, this modern and colorful African mask could help you calm down thanks to its zen air? I'm not saying that you will become a master yogi by looking at your wall decoration... But, all the same, admit that Maliha doesn't make you want to shout for dishes lying around or because the upstairs neighbor moves her furniture every night! You can imagine yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, with nice music and a pleasant program, right?

Not convinced? Well, that doesn't detract from its aesthetic qualities! And if this tribal mask doesn't make you an example of serenity, it will at least brighten up your wall, guaranteed!

Little things that change everything

Each african mask is designed with a hole on the back to make it easier to attach.if you wish to customize an existing model, please contact me, it may be possible. I handcraft each of the wooden decorations, so it takes about 10 days of manufacturing before shipping. It is also for this reason that the masks all have small peculiarities that make them unique.

Delivery and return

Delivery is offered worldwide. You have the possibility to return your tribal mask if you are not satisfied with it. The price does not include possible customs duties and taxes in force in your country.

Additional information

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48 x 24 cm, 73 x 36 cm


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