Man in a Bowler Hat

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The famous painting “Man in a Bowler Hat” by René Magritte in a modern and unstructured version! This wall décor, a collaboration with the artist 8th Project, is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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In many of Magritte's compositions, objects undergo a transformation, represented as moving from one state or identity to another. As the artist explains, "the creation of new objects, the transformation of known objects, a change of substance in the case of certain objects: a wooden sky, for example; the use of words in association with images; the misnaming of an object... the use of certain visions between sleep and awakening, these were generally the means used to force objects to go out of the ordinary, to become sensational, and thus establish a deep link between consciousness and the outside world". Here is a beautiful invitation to rethink our vision of the world.

It is for all these strong symbols that 8th Project and I chose to work on the restructuring of this painting.

This mural decoration is the result of a collaboration with the artist designer 8th Project.

8th Project develops a geometric and deconstructed style by designing the marker elements that allow to recognize (or not) the image of inspiration.

With this mini-series, we wanted to propose reinterpretations of famous works and portraits, imagined by 8th Project and then reworked in wood.

The original and unique work of 8th Project is available for sale on his website:

Small details that change everything

Each wall decoration is made of wood from sustainable forests and entirely handcrafted, which gives it an unparalleled finish.

To facilitate the installation of your new deco item, I have provided each model with a hole in the back. You can choose between two sizes so that Charlot fits perfectly in your interior.

Delivery and return

You can order a wall decoration and get it wherever you are in the world, delivery is free! It takes about 10 days to manufacture before shipping. Returns are possible up to 30 days after receipt.

Please note that the price does not include possible customs fees and taxes.

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35 x 48 cm, 72 x 53 cm


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