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Mofu is a modern and trendy African mask that you can hang on the wall or put on a shelf. It is handcrafted with love and the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests.

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You don’t like your decor anymore? Do you feel like a fresh start? Do not suffer any more the old crust of Auntie Marguerite above the sofa under the pretext “that she liked this painting my Auntie”! Hop, we get this still life and replace it with a modern African mask much nicer (and we kiss Auntie)! Moreover, it will be very easy to hang itbecause I planned a hole at the back (of the mask not of Marguerite!) to make it easier for you. And then, the nail is already there (did you forget the painting?), and if not, it’s very simple!

Mofu is inspired by an African tribal mask, you will have (a little) the impression of being on vacation even when it’s time to feed the little one who definitely doesn’t want to understand that 5 fruits and vegetables a day is important! Or when we have to call back the trustee who has taken too many provisions for charges, for the third month in a row. One look at your favorite wall decoration and you’re in much better shape.

Each wall decoration is handmade, so it has its little peculiarities that make it unique, a bit like a girlfriend. For the same reason, it takes about 10 days to manufacture.

Natural materials

Since waste reduction is important to me, I have thought of (almost)everything: I buy locally, I try to buy in bulk, the wood comes from eco-certified forests…I even concocted a great tutorial to give you an idea of how to reuse everything used for the packaging of your mask.

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