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Sekou is a modern mask inspired by tribal art. It is handmade with wood from sustainably managed forests.

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Did you know that when we talk about interior decoration, we imagine something very recent when not at all!?

Some suppose that already in prehistoric times, men decorated their caves with cave drawings (which were also used for communication). And if you can't see yourself recreating the Lascaux cave in your living room, take your inspiration from the ancient tribal cultures, who decorated their huts (made of mud) with animal skins or branches. The Egyptians used painted vases, carvings, and even animal skins.

Not a fan of the bearskin hanging on the wall? How well I understand you! Fortunately, Sekou is there to bring an ethnic and warm touch to your decor without going through the poaching box!

Delivery and return

Nowadays, we tend to ship the wall decoration no longer by donkey or camel but via private carriers, with cardboard to protect your precious tribal mask. Shipping is free and secure worldwide (more info in the delivery conditions). But to reduce the impact on our beautiful planet, I offer a tutorial on how to reuse packaging materials. In addition, I source as much as possible locally for the purchase of raw materials.

You have 30 days to make a return (if you want, by donkey, it's up to you!) if you are not satisfied.

Le prix ne comprend pas les éventuelles taxes et droits de douane dus dans votre pays.

Practical information

Each tribal mask has a hole on the back for easy wall mounting (much faster than bearskin!).

You can choose between two different formats.

Each item is handmade by hand. So there are small imperfections that make each mask unique. It also takes more or less 10 days of manufacturing time before shipment.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

44 x 25 cm, 72 x 40 cm


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