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Taha is a modern tribal mask inspired by African art. It is handcrafted and will bring serenity to your home with its soothing air and natural materials.

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Natural materials are more and more reused in our interior decorations. Wood, bamboo, cork, hemp, cotton, stone, clay are used. Similarly, more and more of us are turning away from synthetic materials. And, in addition to being very aesthetic, natural materials last much longer. This makes sense since they have always been subject to the elements and, in nature, the fibers of the materials are naturally intertwined rather than forcefully fused in a factory.

Natural materials are also very fashionable in interior design at the moment, and not to spoil anything, they are environmentally friendly, making them an excellent option for interior design.

Taha is made from carefully selected woods from sustainably managed forests.

To continue in the ecological approach, you will receive with your purchase a tutorial that will inspire you to create a new decorative object from the packaging of your tribal mask.

Delivery and return

Delivery is free and secure worldwide. You can return your wall decoration within 30 days if you are not satisfied. You will find more information in the general terms and conditions of sale. It takes about 10 days to make the tribal mask before shipping.

The price does not include possible taxes and customs fees due in your country.

Small details that change everything

Each mask is handmade and uses natural materials. That’s why they each have little peculiarities that make them all unique.

On the back of each African mask there is a hole to easily hang it on the wall.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or if you wish to customize a model, we will discuss it with pleasure.

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Poids1 kg

49 x 15 cm, 72 x 24 cm


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