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Toura is a modern tribal mask inspired by African art. It is handcrafted and will bring serenity to your home with its soothing air and natural materials.

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Do you know the history of African masks? Its origin is so remote that it is lost in the mists of time. Specialists find it difficult to set a date.

Masked portraits on parietal paintings (i.e., paintings on any type of wall) were already found in Algeria and were dated to the time when North Africa was still inhabited by a Black population.

Even today, the art of the mask is still very present and many artists sculpt ritual masks in the purest respect of ancestral traditions.

African masks are not only objects with which one hides the face, they also include make-up, the entire costume and sometimes even the person wearing it.

The mask is seen as a living being.

I absolutely do not pretend to make African masks, which are heavy with meaning and symbolism, but rather to invite exoticism into your home! Toura will bring a touch of color to your interior while being inspired by the complex and fascinating art of African masks.

Small additional information

Each wall decoration is handcrafted with wood from eco-managed forests. Because it is a handmade object with all the application it deserves, it takes about 10 days of preparation before shipment.

This modern and colorful mask has a hole on the reverse side for easy hanging on the wall. In addition, I offer this model in two different sizes. Thus, it will integrate perfectly into your interior decoration.

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45 x 25 cm, 72 x 40 cm


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