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Tulu is a modern and colorful mask that draws its inspiration from tribal art. This wall decoration is made entirely by hand with wood from sustainable forests.

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Adopt a mask!


Clean, discreet and warm at the same time, Tulu will be the new member of your family! No need to pay college fees, clean the tiles when the mash gets stuck in the air, or manage your time on the screens!

Rather, you wanted a dog for the cheerfulness it brings to a home and the feeling of being expected when you get home? But have you thought about walks in the rain, about the vet's fee when he gets stung by a wasp on a walk, about the hairs that get stuck everywhere? We love them our 4-legged friends, but frankly, Tulu, you can scratch him on the top of your head, he will welcome you with just as much joy in the living room! In addition, it keeps itself on its own during the holidays, and no need to water it either! Isn't that ideal ?!

Small details that change everything

Each wall decoration is made of wood and entirely handcrafted, which gives it an unparalleled finish. Regarding the manufacturing material, it comes from sustainably managed forest.

To facilitate the installation of your new deco item, I provided Tulu with a hole in the back. The article is available in two sizes.

Delivery and return

You can order a wall decoration and get it wherever you are in the world, delivery is free! It takes about 10 days to manufacture before shipping. Returns are possible up to 30 days after receipt.

Please note that the price does not include possible customs fees and taxes.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

36 x 36 cm, 58 x 58 cm


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