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Walala is a modern tribal mask inspired by African art. It is handcrafted and will bring serenity to your home with its soothing air and natural materials.

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This season, the tribal style invites itself into your home and immediately brings a touch of authenticity and originality to your interior. Between bright colors and bold design, the accessories of the moment respond to the ethnic trend.

Versatile and definitely original, the Walala mask seduces by its complex geometric shapes and its modern and atypical color palette. Handmade, this wall decoration is entirely made from natural materials: wood from sustainably managed forests. Is preserving the environment important to you too? I thought of creating a tutorial giving you ideas on how to reuse materials used in packaging!

The tribal mask is inspired by traditional African cultures, twisted here with slightly more contemporary codes. The result is an original piece that will easily find its place in your interior, combined with other decorations of the same style, in wood, bamboo or rattan. The Walala mask will bring the touch of style that was missing from the piece. You can easily integrate this wall decoration in a minimalist and cosy atmosphere.

Little things that change everything

Available in two sizes, this mask has a hole in the back so you can easily hang it on the wall. Moreover, to avoid decorative faux pas, it is better to install it on a neutral wall. Prefer those with neutral tones instead of trying a mix and match not always successful with other shades.

Each piece is handcrafted and has its own characteristics and peculiarities.

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It takes about 10 days to manufacture before shipping and delivery is offered worldwide. Returns are possible up to 30 days after receipt.
Please note that the price does not include possible customs fees and taxes.


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45 x 25 cm, 72 x 39 cm


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