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Yao is a modern tribal mask inspired by African art. It is handcrafted and will bring pep to your home with its fun look and natural materials.

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Current trends in interior design in one country may be completely different elsewhere.

Although, thanks to technology and transport methods, the majority of the world’s countries are more integrated than ever before, there are still great differences between them. Trends in interior design are part of it.
After all, interior design is largely dependent on a country’s culture, customs or beliefs and the items or materials it has at its disposal.

For example, in Australia, interior design in 2019 encompasses minimalism, bold wallpapers and pastel colors. While in the United States, minimalism is out with minimalism, maximalism is out with floral wallpaper and flashy hues.

What about you? Well, you don’t have to comply! Everyone does as they please and thanks to the miracles of the modern world, you can choose to integrate the decorating elements you want. What is great is that this wall decoration will fit perfectly in any type of interior!

You’ve seen, softly approach to talk about Yao then most naturally in the world afterwards! At the same time, no need to add more toast, you see for yourself that it will be perfect at home! To finish convincing you, I propose two sizes so that you choose the ideal model for your interior. In addition, each wall decoration has a hole on the back to hang it on the wall very easily.

Small details

Nelika’s decorative objects are entirely handmade in a natural material, that’s why they all have small distinctive signs that make them unique.
And because each tribal mask is a handmade creation, it takes about 10 days to make before shipping.

Environmental protection is an important topic for me. So I use wood from sustainable forests. I also use bulk and local raw materials as much as possible. To go all the way, I have prepared a little tutorial to reuse the cardboard of the packaging!

Delivery and return

Take advantage of it, delivery is offered anywhere in the world, with no minimum purchase! You can also return your products within 30 days.
Prices do not include possible customs duties and taxes of your country.

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